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"We had a most wonderful Baby Loss Doula who called us soon after receiving the horrible news, listened to our sorrow and fears, and helped us know what would happen next.    

I agree with the name 'navigator'.  We were on a road we had never traveled before.  How would we know to spend every minute we could with our darling baby, making memories that would last a lifetime.  They are so important to us these many months later.  Our Loss Doula taught us and she explained 'why.'  It all seemed so natural.

Thank you to the clinic nurse who convinced us to let a compassionate stranger enter our private and painful space.  We will forever be grateful to her! "

                                                                     --a loving mom and dad of an angel


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As innovative leaders in the field of perinatal loss, our organization, Loss Doulas International
® (LDI), has developed the first
Loss Doula/Bereavement Doula
™ Certification Program. 

Created by Pat Flynn and Sherokee Ilse,  we are bereaved parents and perinatal loss professionals who know all too well what vulnerable families go through and what they need immediately at the time of their loss and in the days and months that follow. 

Pat Flynn and Sherokee IlseConsequently, we have set a high standard because every bereaved parent deserves the best care from compassionate, informed advocates.   Our program and training promote professionalism and mutually respectful interactions with clinic and hospital staff, helping to create a team approach that invites a more full complement of caregivers supporting families.

LDI students are well-screened and well-prepared to support moms, dads, and families during a most traumatic and vulnerable time in their lives. 
LDI also offers infant loss related seminars on numerous subjects.
If you love this concept and think you might like to help us grow, contact us.   We'd love to hear from you. 

Some roles of 
Baby Loss DoulaBereavement Doula
™ (BLD) and Postpartum Loss Doula™ (PLD).

- Offer reassurance, listening, and gentle guidance at an uncertain and shocking time,

- Help families immediately at the time of the news in preparing for what is to come and even helping to create   a Birth Preferences Plan,

- Support families in decision-making and awareness of options/choices while at the hospital,

- Aid in memory-making during the 'hello' time with baby,

- Promote family involvement and communication ,

- Offer information and suggestions for saying 'goodbye',

- Share resources and information with post-hospital needs such as peer support, workplace issues, couple communication, family dynamics, and ongoing local and web support.
Our Loss Doulas Internationalteam believes --
  • Every child is precious, no matter their size or length of gestation.
  • Pregnancy and infant loss requires supportive guidance from well-trained individuals that understand the magnitude of pregnancy and infant loss.
  • Families should have resources available to them to make informed decisions as they bring their child into the world. 
  • Parents deserve sensitivity, compassion, and appropriate information when given the bad news.
  • Parents need proper preparation and support when they are told their baby has died (whether in miscarriage, stillbirth, or other early infant death). 
  • Parents should be cared for in a respectful and supportive environment when saying Hello and Goodbye to their precious baby. 
  • Parents should be prepared well before being admitted to, or leaving, the hospital.
  • Parents need to be given appropriate and well-researched on-going support resources.
  • Loss Doulas/Parent Advocates offer a unique perspective to the hospital care-giving team...one that allows them to give emotional and decision-making help while others offer the necessary medical care.
  • Peer support parents should be made available to newly bereaved parents as soon as possible and for ongoing support.
  • The parents workplace should be welcoming and managers and colleagues should be aware and understand how to help.
To help accomplish these intentional goals, our LDI Loss DoulaTeam offers--
  • Training for professionals, doulas, caregivers, and bereaved parents
  • Baby Loss Doula™ (also Bereavement Doula™) Certification program (Pre-birth, birth planning, labor, hello and goodbye time, and discharge)and Postpartum Loss Doula™ (also Bereavement Loss Doula™) Certification program (post-birth, resources on funeral help including financial, couple and family communication, support resources, and transition into the community)
  • Supportive literature and materials.
  • Additional education on related topics such as Birth Preference Care Plans, Parent/Family Peer Support Companions, Grief in the Work Place, along with other toppics.
  • A calendar of courses and seminars on our website
  • A directory of those certified to provide service, are certification candidares or instructors.

* Why do you see so many TM (trademark) signs throughout your site?  We have been advised by our legal counsel and others in this field, that we need to protect our program and our brand, and have taken steps to do so.  Clearly, we do this so Loss Doula 'standard of care' will remain well respected and accepted by hospitals, medical professionals, and others looking for support during this very vulnerable time. 
Confident and Competent
" I recently attended the BLD training in Minneapolis.  It provided me with the tools to allow me to feel confident and competent in providing step by step indivualized care to families who have/or are experiencing a loss. After the training I feel that all of my questions had been addressed and my knowledge of the grieving process and overall care for families experiencing a loss has been widely enhanced."     -- Abbie, Nursing Student

"I totally support your campaign. Prenatal and neonatal loss has been marginalized in this country for too long. The loss of a child of any age and any time from any cause tops the charts in grief reaction and long term grief processing.

"Immediate response and early grief reactions can set the tone for a lifetime in integrating that loss into our lives. Early negative imprinting can take place if positive grief stimulus is not available. Proactive Grieving is embracing the grief, recognizing the loss, validating their existence and expressing the sorrow with dignity and pride, not shame and avoidance. Early positive grief reinforcement by compassionate caregivers is paramount in encouraging healthy bereavement practices downstream.

"Keep up the good work."       --Mitch Carmondy

Mitch Carmody is the author of “Letters To My Son, a journey through grief” which has been sold worldwide. Mitch is a recognized keynote speaker and  currently a staff writer with “Living with Loss Magazine” and has published many articles for a variety of national grief periodicals, newsletters, and internet sites as well as appearing in many radio and television interviews. He is an accomplished artist and creator of the innovative 20 Faces of Grief and the S.T.A.I.R.S model of grief staging. Mitch is also the prognosticator of Proactive Grieving, a paradigm shift in grief recovery.

Mitch’s main message is that we CAN survive and even thrive after a significant loss in our lives.